• Art Teacher Sex Doll - Patricia

    Patricia is an art teacher who has been painting since she was 6 years old. So far, she has studied fine art for 20 years. Her college major is also fine arts. She likes the profession of teacher very much, so she got a teacher qualification certificate when she was in college. She came to this school to apply for an art teacher before she graduated. Because of her fine arts skills, she also knows the theoretical knowledge of fine arts. She conducted a trial course and the students liked her teaching style very much.
  • Investment Analyst Sex Doll - Evelyn

    Evelyn is an investment analyst. Her investment analysis includes stocks, futures and foreign exchange. Since she has a certain understanding of each investment, she also allocates various assets herself. She also needs to issue some analysis reports for investors' reference every day. She knows the investment market very well and will go to some institutions for research. Every day, she needs to check market information, and she needs to learn a lot of new knowledge. After five years of training, she is now able to judge the macro market. She can also grasp the trend of the market.
  • Appliance Store Saleswoman Sex Doll - Sofia

    Sofia is a sales clerk in a home appliance store. She has been in this store for three years. She loves this job because she can meet many different people. Dealing with different people every day is a very happy thing. She will study the psychological characteristics of each person, and then go home every night to summarize the different characteristics of different people and record them. After more than three years of accumulation, she has been able to grasp each person's characteristics well, and then recommend products to them according to their needs. For all the products she recommends, the transaction rate is very high. Her performance has always been the first in the sales department, and her monthly salary is the highest.
  • Movie AV Star Silicon Sex Doll - Damara

    Damara is a TV actor and she is a famous AV star. She has a good figure and is also the dream lover of many men. Many men use her as their obscenity object, and every time they masturbate, they look at her naked imagination. She is a well-known AV star. She popularized sex knowledge among many teenagers. Many boys learn to have sex by watching her sex movies.
  • Nurse Sex Dool - Mia

    Mia is a nurse and she works in a public hospital. She majored in nursing before and came to this hospital as a nurse after graduation. After five years of hard work, she has now been named by her head nurse as her successor. She can now handle many things alone, and can stand alone in nursing.
  • Kimono Designer Love Sex Doll - Adelaide

    Adelaide is a kimono designer. She runs a kimono shop herself. Because her clothes are very beautiful, and the quality of the kimonos is very good, many customers come here. Adelaide is now very famous in the kimono design industry. The kimonos she designs are also very expensive, and the price of kimonos is more than $ 10,000.
  • Music Enthusiast Lifelike Sex Doll - Harper

    Harper was born in a wealthy family and she hasn't lacked anything since she was a child. Anything she wants, her parents will satisfy her. She has no other hobbies. Her only hobby is listening to music. She is almost obsessed with music, so all her music equipment is the best in the world. Many music products are limited editions worldwide, and she will find ways to get them.
  • Phone Sales Real Sexy Doll - Susie

    Susie is a mobile phone salesperson. She has been in this profession for five years. Now that she knows all aspects of mobile phones, she is already an expert in mobile phones. Any customer who comes to buy a mobile phone is willing to buy as long as she listens to her introduction. Those clients believe in her professionalism. Susie also likes the job, and she is now able to buy some parts herself to assemble into a mobile phone.
  • Realtor Super Busty Sex Doll - Dale

    Dale is a real estate agent who works for a large real estate agency. Every month her sales performance ranks first in the company. She knows the location and location of the property, as well as some facilities around the property. Clients trust her professionalism.
  • Money Manager Maintenance Sex Doll - Pearl

    Pearl is a fund manager. She studied psychology in college, but she loves finance, so she chose to work for a securities company after graduation. Through her efforts, she learned most of the financial knowledge, and the company appointed her to manage 5 funds. Fund managers are treated very well, earning millions of dollars each year.
  • Optician Best TPE Dolls - Pattie

    Pattie is an optician. She went to a school for training and passed the National Optician Exam. Her optician technology is certified by a national professional agency. She now works at a large eyewear chain and specializes in optician work. With the qualifications for this certification, the optical shop she is in charge of is doing well, and everyone recognizes her professionalism. She also likes this job very much. She hopes that those who have glasses needs can wear a pair of glasses that is most suitable for them, so that they can control their glasses.
  • Mercenary Sex Toy Doll - Deborah

    Deborah is a mercenary and she is a non-commissioned officer retired from the army. As a mercenary, she has participated in many special operations. The actions she participated in were to rescue some of the hostages held. This job is very dangerous, but it is well paid.