A Couple And Three Sex Robots

The AI ​​artificial intelligence sex robots produced in the last two years have highly anthropomorphic language systems and very intelligent response systems, and some designers even give these sex robots human character.

For example, the largest adult products company in the United States has developed a robot that can customize the emotions and personality of the doll's performance by installing a mobile app. This robot is now very popular in many countries, and even many pornographic sites have purchased this robot to entertain guests and grab a lot of traditional porn business.

A recent news is that sex robots have been inserted into other people’s marriages and become the third party in other people’s marriages. This is a family from the United States. The actor's name is Mark, and his wife's name is Anna.

Mark, who is over half a year old, has a warm family. During his many years of marriage with his wife, Anna, the two have always been respectful and there is very little quarrel. At the same time, in the marriage life, both of them have always maintained loyalty to each other, and both have never been deceived or derailed. It seems that this is a model couple.

But the reality is often different from the imaginary situation. Like all the final appearances of marriage life, the two people who have been married for many years have already faded away. The trivial little things make the two people have almost no enthusiasm for each other. Although the two knew each other well, they did not speak out. The days seem to be going on like this.

However, something happened that changed everything. At the time, Anna's mother suddenly became seriously ill and almost lost her ability to act. After learning that her mother was seriously ill, Anna immediately went to the mother's state to take care of her mother. During that time, Anna stayed with her mother almost every day. So during that time, Anna focused on her mother's condition and did not pay attention to the change of her husband Mark. It was not until 9 months later that Anna’s illness was completely stabilized and Anna returned to her home.

At this time, she suddenly surprised to find that her husband had not been alone in the nine months of taking care of her mother, but she was very happy. Because there are three "unfamiliar women" in the family, there are three real-sized dolls in the living room. All three dolls were dressed in home clothes, sitting neatly on the sofa in the living room watching TV, like a family hostess.

Anna is completely dumbfounded. In the face of Anna's puzzled eyes, Mark began to introduce Anna's new family members. The three ladies, or sex robots, were purchased by Anna at an expensive price when Anna was taking care of her mother. In these nine months, three robots completely replaced Anna's position and accompanied Mark's life every day.

Among the three robots, Mark especially loves one of the robots called Belle. This robot is that Mark spent nearly 4,000 dollars to buy it. The whole body is made of silica gel. The skin of the whole body is soft and real. Not only that, but this robot also has a very rich sensing system, which can also send a real human simulation when making love. sound. Mark is very happy with Belle. To be precise, Mark is more satisfied with Belle than his wife. Although Belle can't chat with herself or cook for himself like Anna, in bed, he thinks Belle is much better than Anna.

Since having these three dolls, Mark has just started a second adolescence and started a sexual night at least four times a week.

Sex dolls are not a particularly rare product, but what really makes people feel incredible is actually Mark’s attitude towards dolls. In the nine months when his wife was absent, because Mark is getting along with the dolls every day, his love for the dolls seems to be a bit complicated.

"I can't lie. Most doll owners think that this is just a sex toy when they buy a doll for the first time, but in fact, after a long time, they will find that they and most of these dolls will have certain feelings. "One person and three sex dolls have a relationship like this." For most people who don't have a doll, this sounds incredible.

Maybe you think Mark is talking about it, you don't need to be serious. But in fact, every word that Mark said is a fact. The three sex dolls now have almost the same status in the family as Anna. They have their own exclusive seats, accompanied by Mark watching TV and reading newspapers every day, and Mark occasionally changes to take them out for a date. Sometimes Mark took Belle out and most of the people around didn't notice that she was a toy without breathing.

“She is more than just a sex toy. The greater pleasure of our relationship is to take care of and be taken care of. I can dress, make up and interact with her, and she is very obedient to your orders and completely obeys your opinion.”

In the face of her husband's extraordinary love for sex doll robots, Anna said in an interview, "It is still very difficult to accept at first, but it will be much better after a long time." "Actually, I thought that when I was not there, he would go outside to find another woman, but he did not do so. He is so loyal to me, he is definitely a good husband."

Nowadays, a family of two plus three sex dolls forms a warm and magical family. These dolls are at the side of Mark and Anna every day, accompanying them to live and sleep.

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