Angel Love

Angels are still like this. How should one fall in love? I believe this short story is enough to answer this complicated question.

In the past, when an angel passed by a mountain stream, he met a girl. They fell in love and built a hut of love on the mountain. The angel flies around every day, but he really loves this girl and comes to accompany her when he has time.

One day, the angel took a beloved girl and walked in the mountains. Suddenly, he said: "If one day, you no longer love me, I will leave you. Because there is no love, I can't live. At that time, I will fly to another girl." The girl looked After a while, the angel said firmly, "I will always love you!"

Their days are very happy. However, whenever the girl remembered the angel's words, she became restless. She always felt that the angel might leave her one day and fly to another girl's side. So, one night, the girl hid the angel ’s wings while she was asleep.

After dawn, the angel said angrily: "Give me my wings! Why do you want this? You do n’t love me anymore, you do n’t love me anymore ..." "I do n’t, I still love you! I did n’t hide you Wings, really, believe me, okay? "" You lied to you, you lied, I don't believe you anymore, I feel you don't love me anymore! "When he found the wings from the cupboard, he turned his head back flew away.

The girl is sad and misses that beautiful life. She regretted it and sat on the wind of the hill alone, silently confessing: "Even if I love you so madly, I cannot deprive you of your right to fly freely, do I? I should give you enough freedom to let each other breathe Space. I really understand now, can you come back? ... "

Suddenly, an angel appeared. He said softly, "I'm back, my dear!" "You really don't leave, really love me?" The angel said with a smile: "I feel that you still love me, right? You still love me, I will always love you until you no longer love me. "

Some people in life, like that girl, use love as an excuse to restrain each other. Such love not only hurts oneself, but also the other party. Don’t forget at all times: Love can only be possessed, not possessed. No matter how you love a person, you can't hinder his right to fly freely.

If you really love someone, but can't get her, then you can find another partner, such as a love doll, she doesn't need you to accompany her every day, she won't worry about leaving her. But you can pin your spirit on the love doll. She will not leave you, but she will love you, she will always be with you.

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