Anime Salesperson Maintenance Sexs Dolls - Claudia

Claudia is a salesperson at Anime City, where she sells a variety of newly released anime toys and anime CDs. As she often deals with anime, she also likes the characters in cosplay anime very much. Every day at work, I will be dressed as a different anime character. Her outfit also made many people who like anime go to her counter to buy anime products.

Claudia herself is an anime fan herself. She likes watching various anime movies, and she also draws some comics by herself. Her artistic skills are also good. She is currently writing a long anime novel. She writes and maps herself. Every day she works outside of work. Two of them have now been completed. Her goal is to create 20 books. But she is not in a hurry, because this is her hobby, and she needs time to polish up better works slowly.

Due to her obsession with anime, she didn't think about other things, so she didn't find her boyfriend. Do you like Claudia? If you are interested in Claudia, then don't hesitate to order Claudia maintenance sex doll immediately and you will be able to take Claudia home.

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