Art Teacher Big Booty Sex Doll - Patricia

Patricia is an art teacher who has been painting since she was 6 years old. So far, she has studied fine art for 20 years. Her college major is also fine arts. She likes the profession of teacher very much, so she got a teacher qualification certificate when she was in college. She came to this school to apply for an art teacher before she graduated. Because of her fine arts skills, she also knows the theoretical knowledge of fine arts. She conducted a trial course and the students liked her teaching style very much.

Patricia has been teaching fine arts in this school for 3 years now. Her theoretical knowledge and drawing skills are very good, and she has taught a lot of excellent students. In her spare time, she also creates some comics. Patricia has published 10 comic books. But she published it under a pseudonym, and none of her students knew she was a cartoonist. She doesn't like being so public. Patricia also likes to mingle with students, and likes to travel with them and go to gather together.

Since Patricia is usually in school, she does not have a wide range of social relationships, so she hasn't made a boyfriend yet. She hopes to find a man who loves her. Do you like Patricia? If you like Patricia, then don't hesitate to order Patricia big booty sex doll immediately and you will get her.

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