Artificial Intelligence Institute Expert Big Sex Doll - Whitney

Whitney is an expert at the Artificial Intelligence Institute. She is responsible for the development of face recognition systems. Although the face recognition function has now risen to a stage, the technical applications are still insufficient, and in many cases there is no way to recognize it.

Whitney is now working on the second stage of development, which can identify whether it is a real person or an operation recognition through a mask. Because the first stage of research and development is not able to identify the mask. The second stage is to break through this kind of limitation. Whitney spends 16 hours a day in research at the institute. She constantly debugs the code and changes the data. She hopes to complete the second phase of research and development as soon as possible through her own efforts.

Since Whitney has been busy with work, he has little time to fall in love. She now also hopes to be accompanied by a man to take care of her life. Would you like to be Whitney's companion? Order Whitney big sex doll now.

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