Artificial Intelligence Technology Application of Sex Dolls

In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has rapidly spread its application and entered people's daily lives, such as speech recognition, face recognition, and machine translation on mobile phones. A closer look reveals that these technologies are mainly focused on the “perception” level, which uses artificial intelligence to simulate human perceptions such as hearing and vision. And some techniques have been applied to sex dolls.

At the cognitive intelligence level, what is the situation? For example, when information enters our brains, how can we process and understand external information like human brains, reasoning about knowledge, and then let the machine understand the outside world? A few days ago, at the Cognitive Intelligence Industry Application Conference hosted by the China Artificial Intelligence Society and hosted by Specialists, many experts shared their understanding and thinking about “cognitive intelligence” from different angles.

Cognitive intelligence, involving semantic understanding, knowledge representation, associative reasoning, intelligent question and answer, self-learning, etc., has been widely used. The development of cognitive intelligence will make a lot of tedious but important work more efficient and precise, and more humane.

The machine is fast and has a large amount of storage. When we hand over the knowledge to the machine, artificial intelligence can grasp the human judgment logic and understand what information we want, which reduces the basic work that needs to be done manually.

The development of sex dolls has also begun to integrate these technologies, enabling the dolls to have intelligent cognitive functions. Slowly develop into a product with emotions. Not only can it meet the sexual needs of human beings, but also serve as a companion.

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