Bar Sales Girl Sex Doll Custom - Bess

Bess is a bar salesman who recommends it to customers, whether it's beer, wine or white wine. She is able to accurately determine which wines each customer prefers, and then customize the recommendations based on the customer's needs. Because of her professionalism and her good face, customers basically buy the wine she recommends.

Because Bess is beautiful, many customers are aiming to have a story with Bess. But Bess has always insisted on his own principles, selling wine does not sell the body. She relies on selling her own knowledge of wine rather than relying on selling her body in exchange for your purchase.

Although Bess has always been alone, and so far, she is still a virgin. However, many people will misunderstand her because of her work. So looking for a boyfriend is her trouble. Most people are reluctant to associate with her after listening to her work.

Bess feels very lonely. She likes to find a partner who loves her, can understand her work, and can also be her dependence. Are you the right person? If so, please order Bess sex doll custom and bring Bess home.

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