Beach Administrator Massive Boob Sex Doll - Josephine

Josephine is a beach administrator. She has been in beach management for three years. Her job is to rescue those tourists who fall into the water and provide first aid, but also responsible for the prevention of illegal activities around it.

Many people think that Josephine, a girl, how can she accomplish these tasks? In fact, Josephine was trained in militarization and first aid, and she was able to complete every job well. Under normal circumstances, she can deal with three thugs at once. However, she usually patrols the beach in a swimsuit and handles the case in plain clothes.

Since she needs work every day, she has no time to fall in love. Now she longs to find a boyfriend who can take care of her life and accompany her, while also giving her work with spiritual support. Would you like to be a Josephine boyfriend? Order Josephine massive boob sex doll right away.

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