Beauty Blogger Sex Doll Head Custom Made- Phyllis

Phyllis is a beauty blogger. She recommends a variety of lipsticks, and many lipstick brands work with her. She will also do some live broadcast activities. Each lipstick live broadcast event needs to apply a lot of lipsticks. On one live broadcast, she applied 389 lipsticks at one time. It can be seen that she has a high degree of love for her career.

Phyllis has been focusing on the promotion of beauty products before, and now in order to make money, she has also started recommending non-stick pans. As a result, she made a mistake in a live broadcast, because she had never used the non-stick pan at all, so she deceived the audience, so many media also expressed dissatisfaction with her behavior, so she had to correct it.

Now Phyllis is going to participate in some variety shows, she hopes to restore her image through some variety shows, and no longer recommends those products that have not been screened. Busy with work every day, and Phyllis has no time to fall in love. She hopes to find a man who likes her, can take care of her life, and support her career. Do you like Phyllis? Don't hesitate to order sex doll head custom made immediately.

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