Billiard Girl Full Size Real Sex Doll - Rose

Rose is a staff member in the billiard hall. She usually helps guests to score. Her job is simple, to play billiards with guests. Billiards is an international game. In fact, it is also a technology-tested entertainment project. There are many different ways to play billiards, and there are many different rules. People can choose the corresponding rules to play according to their preferences.

Although Rose only scored the woman in billiards, she has a superb billiard skill. She usually practices billiards when she is fine. She also thinks about the essence of billiards. She can observe different people's play through her work, so as to gain more skills in billiards.

Rose loves the job, but she has been single. Although there were many men pursuing her around, she did not meet her favorite object. She likes to find a man he hasn't seen before. This man is the one who loves her at first sight. She likes romance. Are you a romantic man? Do you like Rose? If you are interested in Rose, then don't hesitate to order Rose full size real sex doll immediately and you will get Rose.

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