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The flowers on Hong Chen Mo. Seems to meet and hate late gatherings, meeting passers-by ahead of time will become passers-by behind. I met the beauty of the breeze in the late allure. They will rub shoulders with you, too late to look up. I can't say goodbye, and the mountain is separated by a river. But looking at this shore, looking back at the winter that was once the sea and the moon with flowers. Encounter is destined to float away from the flower. The scenery meets just like that. The cold winter that has been falling in my mind, no matter how bitter the glaciers are. How the snow drifts, a persistent heart. Always looking hard. The sky was dark and the sky was covered by heavy snow, a bloody boy. The once will never stopped. From spring to winter. From the cold winter to the wildness, this has been guarded. Missing uncovered.

When red dust meets, they are old. How many years of flowers are not there, it is a delicate thing to meet from ancient times. And the sacred thing is in Hong Chen's love network. Some of the former leave because of gathering, while the latter leave because of the former. Someone once said that it was a deep encounter. People who are destined to meet. No matter how big the circle around each other, it will be inadvertently. You can still meet each other again, in fact, this kind of story. Just talk. Therefore, many people believe it. So into the moment of fate.

The world's feelings are only separated by a distance. Some feelings become beautiful because of distance, and some good because of distance. Encourage each other to make the way forward. Full of sunshine shines into happiness. Warm each other, but sometimes. Distance is really a time machine to verify feelings. Therefore, some people insisted on it. Because I believe I have overcome the distance. The rest is the spring breeze. Some people leave because of it, because they believe that the front is unknown. So I left in a hurry,

The old year goes far, and the old future. After a period of time, we know each other, and after a year, we meet. In life, some people walk together. In the middle of the year, some people walked apart. At the meeting ferry, some people. Walking away is gone, some strangers. Walking and walking together, some people I still do not know. Where will they meet, and where will they leave early. The shortness of life, the cherish of meeting. So meeting is destiny, knowing is sharing. in life. Time is a feast, love is a perseverance. Snow Moon, which has passed by time, is like water in its youth. That song is so quiet, love is an encounter. A falling flower is also a gathering. Life is beautiful because of love. Years are held by love.

Flowers bloom on Mo, and spend the night across the table. In a rainy year, the bamboo leaves met. Engraved with the moss that walked by, it rained. Red scattered everywhere, that scene, that month. Just like the first good, a cold wind hit. Jasper's shy breeze solidified the moon. Sent off the night alone, leaving a trace of silence.

The years are still the same. Scattered once, you said the wind in the rain. It was the dream you once chased, and the snow in winter. It's a flower that you once scattered. Overstatement. Years later, every season when snowflakes fall. I will think of the past picture, which is both beautiful and flying. It was sad and speechless, a heavy snowfall. After a fall of flowers, Qing Feng took away my thoughts. Tuo Wuyan solidified the sea. The flowers bloom beautifully in the past, sometimes rain. Flowers bloom all the way, bodhi all the way. The encounter in this life, the flowers blooming.

After walking for a while, I always see some scenery. Staying for a while will always leave some stories. In fact, many times. We all know that every story always has a beautiful ending. It was just that the ending was too vicissitudes and too beautiful, and until the final breakup, Jingmei had revealed its sadness. Desolation spreads in sorrow, and speechlessness hides in desolation. There is always a scene in the years. It falls in an inadvertent place. There is always a snow in life. When it drifts in the dark of the night, it is scattered and fate. A snow. I only hope that time will be fragrant and the flowers will be quiet.

On the road of life, I always walk all the way. Feelings in life are always together. In this world, there are always people who stay because they understand you, and people who leave because of misunderstandings. We are grateful for the people who have walked and stopped. Because there is resonance. So will not leave, on the way to life. Red dust ferry. There are always some people who have never made deep contact. No longer disturb, but never leave. Only time seems to meet. Freezing at the corner of the other shore and this shore, a beautiful spring has passed since then.

Some wind in life. Some scenes, always in the middle of the years, played away stories, some fallen leaves. Floating through the branches, flying with the wind, such a season, such memories. I do n’t know how long it can be displayed in the years, but I know that the road we have traveled will definitely leave us with unexpected accidents. If we expect more, we will get used to it. Life is so. The years have followed this, walking through the sea of ​​time. Borrowing the silent silence of the past, drifting your own horizon.

There is always an unspoken complaint in the goodbye. Standing at the end of Xi Yi, counting the twilight that has passed, and saying each season of twilight: in the quiet rain of the quiet, always with this or that mood, walking slowly into the breeze of the icy rain, feeling Each season brings a different kind of tranquility,

The cold wind blew through. Mo was red and scattered in the past. There is nothing better in the world than having an exquisite sex doll. She can accompany you and listen to your inner thoughts. She is willing to be your best partner. No matter what kind of demand you put forward for her, she can satisfy you. Especially your sex requirements, she can meet all the poses you want to try.

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