Business Leader Summer Sex Doll Cowgirl - Shakira

Shakira is an entrepreneur who runs a publicly traded company with a market value of $1 billion. In fact, Shakira is only 32 years old. She started her business at the age of 14. Her contacts include business, trade and technology development. In the end, she chose the IoT business, and now she uses 30% of the company's profits every year for research and development.

Shakira realizes that the future is the world leader in technology, and whoever has the technology, can have the right to speak. Capital will not be the main driver, and technology will eventually replace capital to lead the world. Shakira's goal is to achieve a company's market capitalization of $10 billion by 2025. Their company now has 200 patented inventions. Her constant investment in research and development has received a lot of returns.

Since Shakira is both leadership and young, she is now the vice president of the Business Forum. As long as she wants to invest in projects, other entrepreneurs are willing to vote. At the same time, Shakira has a lot of fans on Wall Street, and many fund managers are also very supportive of her.

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