Cafe Girl Real Sexdoll - Ruby

Ruby is a waitress in a cafe. She is very proficient in brewing coffee and she understands the different methods of brewing coffee. She can also master how much coffee and water need to be put in each cup of coffee. She only needs to smell the aroma of coffee powder or look at the shape of coffee beans to determine the type and quality of coffee.

Ruby likes the job very much, and she also likes drinking coffee. She has a special love for coffee. She doesn't like adding sugar to the coffee. She likes the bitterness and strong aroma of coffee. In addition, Ruby's appearance is very beautiful, and her figure is also very good. Many men who do not like to drink coffee often come to the cafe to order a cup of coffee, all to communicate with Ruby.

Although Ruby is beautiful, she is still single. She hopes to find a boyfriend she likes. She has no special requirements. She just hopes that this man can take care of her and give her a sense of security. Do you like Ruby? If you are interested in Ruby, then don't hesitate to order Ruby real sexdoll immediately and you will get Ruby.

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