Can I Accept My Partner And Have Sex with A Sex Robot?

Perhaps many people will find an incredible thing when they have sex with a sex robot. This idea just sounds a bit crazy, but with the current development of AI technology, this idea is becoming a reality. And maybe by 2025, technology can progress to let humans fall in love with robots and marry robots.

As robotic dolls become more and more realistic, new problems are placed in front of them. If you are in a relationship, if you have sex with a sex robot, are you derailed? Do you have sex with a robot and betray your partner?

Imagine if your sex doll suddenly becomes a super sexy guy with a human size, she can walk, talk, and know all your hobbies, because she is programmed in this way, will you Fall in love with her?

In fact, regardless of men and women, when a sex robot can live with more than one's own partner in life, and can understand everything about it, it is likely to have emotional dependence on this robot. They will even let them start to dislike their partners.

The most basic version of the sex robot has been developed, and the most basic prototype is priced at just over $8,000. This robot has both a male version and a female version. It has a beating heart and can even increase your pleasure by adjusting your hips. As tempting as the icing on the cake, they can even simulate orgasm.

And many manufacturers can make different personality characteristics according to the needs of users, such as: wild, sexy, shy, cute features. Users can create different scenes according to the characteristics of the doll to satisfy each of their wishes.

And the functions are constantly improving and progressing, and the emotional function of the robot is being studied. Let the doll go far beyond sexual function and provide life companionship. Because robots are more loyal than people, sex robots will gradually replace human sexual relationships. They will become more faithful companions for human beings.

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