Can Sex Robot Dolls Understand Love?

After the sex dolls were upgraded to sex robots, many technicians began to implant chips into the robot body to give them emotional. But is the robot really capable of affecting humans? To understand this problem, we must first understand whether the robot can understand the love.

Some experts pointed out that sex robots have signs of understanding emotions. But because it is compiled by the program after all, we need to express our feelings in a specified way. In terms of emotions, sex dolls learn more slowly than humans, but their understanding of emotions is more precise and accurate to each number. They determine human emotions by analyzing parameters such as context, sound, and expression.

Today's robotic sex dolls, like humans, can completely simulate emotions and even “artificial empathy”. Developers are now exploring the interaction between robots and humans in the future. Different developers have different opinions on this aspect of research. Some experts believe that robots do not have their own intentions, that is, they do not have active emotions, so they cannot fall into Love, but they can be programmed to achieve emotional reactions as a passive. In addition, even if people know that they are dealing with simulated emotions, they may think that this situation is true. This is a typical anthropomorphic projection. In other words, humans tend to empathize human emotions and reactions to animals or other objects. But the robot is different. Even if your robot can say "I love you", it will not feel excited inside. Therefore, there are still serious problems in the emotional interaction between robots and humans. Unless we begin to define the concept of love with completely different basic rules, in this case, spontaneity and sensation are pre-set based on personalized programming.

When you think about this problem, human beings exist biologically, but we also accept "programming" from our social experience, education, emotions, and spiritual beliefs. So, in a sense, programming also affects our choices, opinions, ideas, and life trajectories. Experts believe that even if future research and innovation can create the same robots as humans, they will never have free will, and their every move will be the result of programming.

But in any case, as the new generation of sex robots becomes more and more common, there is no doubt that we will have to reevaluate our perceptions of love and marriage. So far, marriage has allowed two adults to marry, but will this concept eventually extend to include the relationship between people and robots? From a legal point of view, will we experience a series of divorce caused by robot derailment?

Although robots may never really repay our feelings, humans must have a unilateral emotion. Nowadays, many doll lovers have pinned their feelings on the dolls. They will buy a lot of personalized dolls to accompany themselves and use them as their companions. These people seem to want to fall in love with the sex dolls. The actual situation is that they have not really responded, but their psychology has been met and they got what they want. More is an attachment feeling that is satisfied.

So all the future robot developers we have to do is to figure out which aspects of the doll need to satisfy the customer's lack of emotions, according to the emotional missing compiler program to fill their spiritual needs.

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