Cheongsam Shop Owner Smallsex Dools - Lillian

Lillian opened a cheongsam shop, which she took over from her mother. Since childhood, she has learned the skills of making cheongsam with her mother. Now she has very good craftsmanship, and many successful people have asked her to customize her cheongsam. The cheongsam sold in her shop is custom made by hand. So the prices are very expensive.

Lillian is now teaching her cousin to make cheongsam, and she is going to teach her craft to her cousin. Then open a cheongsam branch. Cousin is also based on some clothing design. However, I don't know much about cheongsam. However, after a period of study, my cousin can make a good set of cheongsam, but some details are not polished enough.

Now Lillian is busy working all day and has no time to fall in love. Maybe you can also participate in her life. If you like Lillian, then order smallsex dools immediately and you will have this smallsex dools.

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