Clothing Store Owner Life Size Sex Doll Fun Tips - Mina

Mina is the owner of a clothing store. Their shop sells shirts for men and women. The owner is so beautiful, many men are willing to buy shirts in this store. There are many men who want to pursue Mina, so they come to their shop to buy shirts every day.

Now Mina's monthly sales are very impressive. She can sell $ 10,000,000 of clothes every month, and the net profit of clothes can reach 80%. Mina hopes to open more chain clothing stores. She has plans to open 10 additional clothing stores. She has already renovated those ten shops at the same time.

Because she has been busy working, Mina has never been looking for a boyfriend. She now hopes to find a boyfriend to support her career and provide her with care for her life. Would you like to be Mina's boyfriend? Then don't hesitate to order Mina life size sex doll fun tips immediately.

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