Convenience Store Clerk Flat Chest Sex Doll - Joey

Joey is a convenience store clerk and she likes the ease of work. The usual job is to be responsible for the shelves in the store, inventory and cashier at the convenience store. Because the work is not complicated, she enjoys this life. Working hours will be longer, usually go to work at 9:00 in the morning, and get off work at 8:00 in the evening. When there are few customers, she can watch movies and have a cup of coffee.

Joey doesn't have much to pursue. She works in a convenience store anyway during the day and goes to the bar to play at night. She likes to stimulate things, usually likes to make male friends, and often has sex. She likes to use a teasing language to suggest that the other person has sex with her. Her purpose is very simple, that is to have sex in order to make love, do not have to be responsible for each other, do not need to invest in feelings.

Joey enjoyed it when he was making love in bed. She likes the feeling of being inserted into the vagina. When she is making love, she will make a loud voice, and then constantly ask you to force. She likes to be inserted into the vagina by the penis. Then let you twitch constantly. Let you lick her nipples with her tongue. Also like oral sex, that feeling makes you want to stop. Do you want to experience that feeling? Then please don't hesitate to order Joey right away, you can have this flat chest sex doll.

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