Costume Designer Silicone Doll - AliciaKeys

AliciaKeys is a fashion designer. Her college major is fashion design, and the instructors agree that AliciaKeys is very talented. After graduation, AliciaKeys worked for a big company for two years and soon rose to the design manager. However, there are some other factors in the company's work, and she can't play her special skills well.

Two years later AliciaKeys opened her own company and she recruited two staff members. Both of these staff members are recruited directly from the school. AliciaKeys wants to train them so that they can realize their design dreams just like themselves.

AliciaKeys' studios are designed for specific people, such as models, celebrities, and cosplay. They can design clothes for these people according to their own ideas, and then those who wear their own designs will have a different sense of pride.

Now AliciaKeys has been very solid on the road of design. Her goal is to have the company have 1,000 designers, and then to design clothing for a lot of fashion shows, she believes that through their own efforts, the goal will be achieved.

But AliciaKeys regrets that there is no time to fall in love. She hopes to have a man who can accommodate her and give her a life support. Are you willing to let AliciaKeys rely on it? Order AliciaKeys silicone doll, she will bring you a very different experience.

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