Courier Real Doll Dominque- Nellie

Nellie is a courier. Although Nellie is very beautiful, she is not well educated, and she does not want to rely on her beauty to get a job. She likes to get the corresponding remuneration through her own efforts. At the same time, she also likes to do some physical work, which can not only exercise the body, but also get a considerable income.

Nellie has been in the courier business for five years now, and she doesn't need to go to the gym to maintain a good figure. She will be promoted to the head of the courier site next year, and she has been working hard for her promotion. She has some plans for her career and hopes to set up her own delivery company after two years of work.

Nellie is not dating her boyfriend right now. Many colleagues around her want to pursue Nellie. Many colleagues are giving her flowers and often help her at work, but she doesn't meet her favorite person. She hopes to find a boyfriend who is not in the same industry as her, because she knows that the people in the courier industry are very busy and have no time to fall in love. Would you like to be Nellie's boyfriend? Order real doll dominque Now.

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