Decoration Designer Full Body Sex Doll - Maura

Maura is a decoration designer. She works on the construction site all day. Her job is to design the house according to the requirements of the owner. She first needs to determine the size of the house, and then draw a plan. Then continue to fill the floor plan, and continuously increase the design of the house.

In order to successfully design a house drawing, Maura needed two weeks to design and modify it. Then you have to go to the site for guidance during construction. Maura is now able to complete the entire project process individually. She has worked with many companies and set up her own studio.

Maura hopes that through her own efforts, she can earn 10 million U.S. dollars, and then start traveling around the world, experiencing different customs and customs and gourmet beauty around the world. Would you like to help Maura achieve her goal? Do you want to travel with Maura? Then order Maura full body sex doll immediately and you can take Maura around the world.

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