Different Uses of Sex Dolls

Many people now have their own special love dolls, but their attitude towards adult dolls is different.

Some people have never had sex with these sex dolls. They just dress up these sexy dolls and treat them like their own children.

Some people simply buy a doll and go back as a sex doll. When there is a physiological need, they will use it. When it is used up, it will be collected.

Still others will not only have sex, but also dress them up, talk to these dolls, treat them like real girlfriends.

In addition, some people buy dolls to help treat their sexual dysfunction or mental disorders. Because they may be different from ordinary people in sexual orientation or other aspects, they need a spiritual sustenance. Love dolls are their best choice.

Therefore, we should not always treat sexual dolls with a constant vision. We should use the developmental vision to look at the behavior of buying sex dolls.

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