Distant Love - Sex Doll Love

It was a city that could not be smaller. On the map, it hid quietly in a corner. If you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't find it. Originally, she didn't know the small city. It was not until she met him online that she knew the city and knew it was near the Yellow Sea. When the wind came from the east, it was astringent and salty. Once she asked online, are you afraid of the cold? He said, not afraid, because you are in my heart.

She listened and felt warm in her heart. She had never seen the sea, and asked him again, standing in front of your office window, can you see the sea? He replied, yes, look, the sea is rising. She laughed, she knew he was teasing her to play, how could the small town see the sea more than ten kilometers away from the sea? However, he also said that my eyes are good, not only can I see the sea, but also you, silly, so cute. At the other end of the phone is a city in the northwest 2,000 kilometers away.

She lives there. Tall toon trees and sycamore have buildings with obvious regional characteristics, crowded traffic and bright sunlight. And she stood by the street, smiling broadly, and in her hand, it turned out to be an ice cream. This is a photo she uploaded from the Internet. At that time, it was the midsummer season, and now, it is already winter. She said, I now want to eat ice cream.

That day, he went to the street and suddenly found that a newly opened western-style fast food restaurant was selling ice cream, and two young and splendid girls ate there. Suddenly his heart moved, and quickly called her, you come quickly, I have ice cream here, I bought it for you. She laughed happily on the phone and said, Are you stupid? He smiled for a while, and then said, otherwise, you bought it and sent it to me.

He really wanted to go to the city two thousand kilometers away. However, just think about it. Such a dream, knowing that it cannot be realized, but because it can be remembered from time to time, it has a different kind of beauty.

In the early summer of the second year, he finally had the opportunity to travel to the northwest, and he could not reach her, but he still went to that city. However, when he got out of the car and breathed the unique breath of the inland city, he suddenly became hesitant. He did not know what would happen if he really met. Only then did he understand that he was not actually ready to see her, and for her, it was probably the same.

That afternoon, she was working in the office, and a store delivered a box of beautifully packed ice cream, which she accepted in surprise. There is a piece of paper that reads: The ice cream you like to eat, I brought it. She froze abruptly, called his cell phone and asked, where are you? The other end of the phone answered, I was on the train. She listened again, and it turned out to be the sound of wheels sliding across the tracks.

"Thank you." She said for a long time. Despite the noisy voice on her mobile phone, she heard him clearly. He said, please allow me to love you in that small seaside town. She opened the map and once again saw the quiet city, and the Yellow Sea holding it must be exactly as she imagined, warm and mysterious.

Now that I haven't contacted her, I miss her very much. I really hope to see her, so I bought a personalized love doll to accompany me. I put all my thoughts on her on the doll. I took care of the sex doll wholeheartedly, and I poured my love for her on the silicone doll. This doll has given me my spirit. I love her, so I also love sex dolls.

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