District Councilor Silicone Wifes - Noel

Noel is a district councilor who has always been committed to contributing to the people in this special district. She has been attracting investment and wants to develop local manufacturing. Because she always believes that only through manufacturing can drive local employment and develop the local economy.

Now Noel often appears in some large-scale exhibitions. She hopes to meet more manufacturing bosses through the exhibitions and then negotiate with them, hoping to let them set up factories locally. Now she has successfully contacted two factories, and those two factories have promised to set up businesses in their district, but they need some policy support. Noel agreed to their conditions within the scope of the policy. Through tax reduction, land subsidies and other aspects to allow factories to participate in local economic construction.

Busy with entertainment all day, Noel has no time to fall in love. She hopes to find a boyfriend to support her work and take care of her in life. Would you like to be the other half of Noel? Order silicone wifes today and you can bring Noel home.

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