Diver Cheapest Love Doll - Siren

Siren is a diver. She started swimming at the age of five and then started training in diving. After a period of observation, her coach found that Siren is a very talented diving athlete, and her physical fitness is also very suitable for diving. Her coach hopes to take her to the stage of international competitions. Siren's coach is very strict about Siren's life and study. After ten years of training, Siren went to participate in an international competition and got a good third place. Siren has been practicing diving for 15 years now. She hopes to get more awards.

For many small competitions, Siren is treated as training, because those small events, Siren can almost win the championship. For senior players like Siren, she doesn't find it too challenging. She hopes to stand on the Olympic Games platform one day. However, due to resource constraints, this dream has never been realized. She no longer has that dream. She just hopes that she will retire after two years of competition, and then she will coach herself to help more people realize their dream of diving.

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