Do You Want A Sex Doll?

Now the Internet has developed so rapidly. There has all kinds of information on the Internet, but we still hide the information about the "sex". When you drink coffee, you talk about your friends, you talk about the current political and economic development situation, you talk about the pressure in life and the emotional entanglement with others, but you will not talk about your sex last night. Which website reads which porn videos, you don't talk about the frequency of masturbation, you don't talk about the online sex dolls. We never really get the "sexual" liberation, because we still think that the topic of "sex" is "privacy". Even if we all watch porn videos, we will masturbate, and we will not be able to browse the pages of related love dolls for less than three minutes.

Now we can buy sex dolls in a safe way, and even buy second-hand sex dolls that are not very expensive. Many people question the positive impact of “sexual liberation”. Why do you choose to love a doll instead of a girlfriend or DIY?

There are many reasons. The young people between 25-35 are in the career development stage. The work from morning to night is exhausting. If you want to do a big career, the time and energy spent at work make you unable to meet your lover. Emotional needs, many men are clearly know that they only want sex, but they do not want to find an innocent (unloved) person, that is selfish and powerless, so at this time, if they want to buy a personality doll, release pressure when he has pressure and desire in his own time?

Why is it unethical to make decisions based on the premise of being free and not hurting others? Perhaps not poverty limits people's imagination, but the bias of others limits your imagination of life forms. Being is reasonable. Perhaps our understanding of "sexual liberation" is biased, and the opening of "sex" is actually an open understanding of ourselves.

We have always been forced to deny our desires. In some countries, homosexuality needs to hide their own desires. Even heterosexuals cannot talk too much about "sex". Not to mention bisexuality, asexuality, transgender people's doubts and incomprehension in this world. And this society has higher requirements for women. We must be elegant in spirit and thought. At least people will recognize the desire of men, but women must carefully say "No" when love comes. Holding on to the good character of being a good girl, girls are required to behave and speak elegantly.

But can't we talk about "sex" gracefully? Why is elegance contrary to human nature?

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