Don't Cry For Those Who Gave Up On You

There is no time to squeeze out, only to miss.

There is nothing forever, only emotions that will not be cherished.

It turns out that if you don’t have time, you do n’t want to have time.

Lost things are no longer necessary to come back; lost feelings are no longer important to come back.

Not all people can wait for you in the same place; not all feelings can be recovered.

Some people are not noisy and noisy, not necessarily not in love, but they must be hurt;

Some people are silent, not necessarily absent, but they must be left out.

True love, so I hurt deeply; I waited so long, so I was disappointed.

Did not leave for no reason, not lost overnight.

You don't care, only the fate of getting away; you don't care, only the feelings that are getting weaker ...

Don't wait for someone to leave, cry again; don't wait for the sentiment to fade, then make up.

Friends are not waiting for you when you need them; feelings are not waiting for you to understand each other's good after you miss it.

Long-term relationship is mutual contribution; eternal friendship is mutual cherishment!

The unreachable moon is always the most beautiful; the wind that cannot be caught is always the fastest; the unavailable is always the best.

In fact, the scenery is no longer beautiful, it is also in vain;

No matter how deep the feelings belong to you, it is empty talk.

People who go far do not have to chase, they must have dignity;

There is no need to regret discrete feelings, and there must be a bottom line for feelings.

Time is the best filter.

Took away the short-term tenderness, leaving behind a long-term relationship;

Removed the illusory possession, and screened real friends.

Seeing in his eyes, who is going and who is in; knowing in his heart, who is good and who is bad.

Because: I really love your reluctance to leave; I can't bear to hurt you for being good!

Don't chase after the car that can't catch up, try in vain; don't wait for those who can't wait, wasting your heart

Thousands of people who have exhausted their misses and who can't call you will not care about you;

It is full of regrets to look at the eyes and to wear them, and I ca n’t expect anyone without you in my heart.

Others don't appreciate it. Why do you bother with infatuation; others are indifferent, why do you act again and again.

Emotions can't come, those who love you will never leave, those who do not love you can only hurt you.

The car is far away, and there is the next trip; when the person leaves, there is the next one.

In this world, everyone who has left must live, and live a better life!

The person who loves you will not let you lose completely;

People who love you will not let tears hang in the corners of your eyes;

People who understand you will not make you feel lonely and helpless.

Love is very simple, only need to accompany; pain is easy, only need pity; understanding is very ordinary, only warm

Anyone who is turned away when you are lonely, when you are in trouble, when you are in pain, and who is always passionate;

Only when you are sad, when you need it, when you are frustrated, when you are inseparable, are you a soulful person for a lifetime.

Don't look at the surface when looking at people, sincerity in the heart is the most important;

Don't listen to sweet words, it will take a long time to know who is the best!

People who want to find you can find you all over the world;

People who are willing to wait for you will wait for you when they are old.

Getting off the train is not because the scenery is not beautiful enough, but the intention is not true enough. Turning around halfway is not about how shallow the fate is, but how deep the feelings are.

The person who laughs with you may not be able to cry with you. But those who cry with you will definitely accompany you to laugh.

Don’t shed tears for those who gave up on you, it ’s not worth sorrow;

Don't repent for the lost feelings, there is no need to get drunk.

After experiencing some things, you can always see some people; seeing some people, you can always understand some emotions.

Remember a sentence: those who love you will not go; those who do not love you will not be able to stay!

Falling in love with a sex doll will be your best choice, she will never leave you, forever.

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