Drama Actor Silicon Fuckdols - Milly

Milly is a drama actor. She has been learning drama since she was 5 years old and has been studying drama for 15 years so far. In this industry is also considered a master level.

Milly often participates in some touring performances. In the past 15 years, she has participated in thousands of performances. From the beginning of the unfamiliar performance to the current perfect performance for each character. She paid a lot of sweat.

In order to play a good drama, Mille often goes to a certain action, a certain line will be repeatedly drilled, and even in order to achieve a better effect, she will exercise thousands of times on a certain action. The purpose is to be able to stand up to this profession and love of the job.

Now Milly is also very famous in the industry of drama. But she is very faint about fame and fortune. She only wants to play every piece of work. She will take it seriously for every performance and she is not proud of her fame. She has always treated herself as an ordinary actor. She believes that standing on the stage, we should come up with 100% good works, in order to be able to stand up to the trust and love of the audience.

Since Milly's time is studying the work and repeatedly reciting the drama, she has not yet talked about love. She hopes that a man who likes her can appear. She is willing to give her everything to this man who loves her. Do you want to be Milly's lover? Like her to order her, you will get Milly silicon fuckdols.

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