"Emotional Love Calculation" of Sex Doll Robot

With the development of sex doll robots, the biggest difference between humans and robots now is that robots have no emotions. Humans have this incredible ability to perform any activity and react through emotions.

Now I am studying how to make robots feel emotional. This involves the emotional psychology of robots. At present, some robots have a specific emotional dialogue function through code compilation. They can interact with humans in a simple way. But it can't make some complicated communication. So it is difficult to form a strong relationship with human beings. The purpose of studying sex doll robots now is not only to meet the normal physiological needs of human beings, but also to meet the psychological needs of human beings. Let sex dolls share the pain and comfort when people are sad. When people are happy, they can be happy together. When you are alone, you can accompany you to chat. Different responses are made according to different situations. Different people can get different emotional escorts.

This is where “emotional computing” comes into play. Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this concept aims to improve the interaction between humans and machines by allowing robots to understand the user's mental state and respond appropriately.

We believe that in the near future, love dolls will be able to meet the more needs of mankind.

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