Even If I Am Not with You, I Still Love You

I often feel that people in love are like children. Be spoiled, co-opted, and be meticulous.

do you remember? When we were very young, as long as we couldn't see our mother, we would cry because of uneasiness. In fact, my mother is just not in front of us. We just think that my mother is gone because we ca n’t see it. When we think that my mother is gone, we think that our mother does n’t love us anymore.

Love, isn't it just like us then? When we are embraced, when we listen to each other's love, and when we go shopping hand in hand, we all think that the other person loves us 100%. However, from the moment I said goodbye, the moment I closed the door, I was suspicious because I couldn't see it and worried that the other party would miss us. We ca n’t hear, we ca n’t see, and we worry that the other party will be unfaithful to us. Just because we are not around us, we think love will disappear. But I don't know that she who is not around does not mean not to love you. For many things, not seeing does not mean not exist. Moreover, everyone is a person in love, so it is not only us who are uneasy, but also her who can't see us.

Each other has the same anxiety and expects the same understanding. Sometimes we complain that when we need her, she is not there. Sometimes, when she needs us most, we do n’t know, do we?

I think many people will be very passionate about work when they are young. There are also a lot of people's work, which belongs to the state of long-term need to work overtime. For the lovers of these people, they may feel that their loved ones are often unable to take care of themselves. But it's the same for those people, the beloved ones are often not around. Regardless of the reason for being unable to meet or separate the two places, the two people who truly love each other will feel the same loneliness and uneasiness in their hearts.

Each other may have to be strong when they need each other the most. She loves you just like you who can't see her. I still love her deeply, don't you? When you eat something delicious, you will want to share it with her when you see beautiful scenery. When she is not around, don't you love her with such a mood?

Why can't you believe that she is the same as you? Is not it? I believe that even if two people who truly love each other are not close to each other, the two hearts that they are deeply in love with will be closely related because of love. If you feel lonely when you are alone, you can find a partner as a temporary replacement. The partner does not have to be a real person, but can be a substitute. For example: you can find a personalized love doll, the sex doll is very realistic, just like having a real person with you. Love dolls can not only let you pin your love, but also make love with you when your physical needs are.

Wish everyone can find what they love ...

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