Experience Male Sex Dolls

Sex dolls develop very quickly, not only female sex dolls, but also male sex dolls. The male sex dolls were originally developed for gay needs, but now more and more women are full of desire for male love dolls, and more and more female customers are ordering male sex dolls.

In order to meet the needs of women, more and more manufacturers will create a variety of different male love dolls. And you can also customize different baby face types. For example, if you like a star, you can customize the head shape according to the requirements, and then the body proportion can be customized. Only the price will be relatively expensive, the most expensive one is about 10,000 dollars.

After data analysis, the designer of the simulation doll said that the female client generally likes the appearance of the delicate boy, and the chest hair is more attractive, and the more pubic hair in the penis position, the more sexy. They like the delicate face and the rough figure.

In order to have a better experience, every doll's dildo can be taken down. A hard dildo and a soft penis can be provided according to individual needs. These penis are designed according to the real penis, so when you have sex with this doll, it is actually the same experience as the man who has this penis.

For women who are out of love or single women, male dolls can accompany them, provide them with better service, and last longer, maybe the doll can bring a better experience than a real boyfriend. better.

The development of future dolls is also more intelligent and may gradually replace humans.

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