Experts Worry About Sex Doll Robots

Experts say that sexual robots have come to our lives, but people don't think enough about them, and the tremendous advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are entering the market for sex dolls.

This is a new way of sexual gratification. Without the participation of other people, these automated robots have led to the birth of highly developed "love dolls". But people may not have thought about the other aspects of these robots, they may change the way people get along.

“Is these sex robot dolls a niche market?” Will it be widely used to change social norms? Experts have some questions about these. In addition, how does sex with robots compare with real human intimacy? At present, scholars, the public and sex industry people have different views, such as whether sex robots help reduce sexual crimes. On this issue, everyone has produced "serious disagreements". Some people think that having sex with robots will reduce the desire of attackers to harm humans, while others believe that people are allowed to use robots to satisfy their darkest fantasy. Harmful to their normal life.

Sex robots can meet people's physiological needs and meet the psychological needs of human beings. If you can, try it out.

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