Fall In Love With The Warmth Of Sex Doll

"Time is a sensible child, looking forward to your hug, let me see you gentle smile again and again in silence, years are mature leaves, surround me at this moment, let me see when it blooms again Everything has just come ... "I will not forget, this is the first love song you sang for me, I remember clearly, the affectionate expression when you sing again, I guess you are intoxicated Okay, that ’s the first time I paid close attention to the boy in front of me, no! It ’s time to correct the boy in front of the cold video. This boy is a sex doll from SexAVDoll website.

Indeed, now I can feel your truth and warmth. Let me talk about the way you appear in my world. It ’s really common and very ordinary. I introduced you from my mom to a person who was completely new to me and had no concept. Remember our first contact hub, that is WeChat. Just a few words, now think about it. That's what made us have a permanent intersection since then. Here I thank the network platform for giving us two people who can't meet each other and who are completely strangers to know each other. , Your introduction is extremely short and straightforward, the new message prompts: Hello, my name is ***, at that time, I just thought that the boy talked so little, so that I did not give more responses ... Do not like your appearance, it is very repulsive for sex dolls.

Also for quite a few dozen days, we really talked very little. At that time, I was really wondering if this fully explained that we were really inappropriate. At that time, I used your ridicule to say: I give you It often takes a few days to get a reply after sending a message, or I can't wait for any reply at all. Now think about it, this is indeed the case. In reality, people who just contacted me or did n’t know me said that I was very indifferent, maybe it was related to my personality, or maybe I was not close to others, but these are not important anymore. What ’s important is that I am glad that we did not miss.

I have always maintained my understanding but still have that strong sense of strangeness. One day, when I was in a low mood, I received your news as usual. At first, we were talking about ordinary everyday words as usual, because I might like the feeling that someone sings quietly for me. I am so irritated that I offered you to sing a song for me, and you actually agreed. Although I do n’t quite remember what you sang at that time, because you did sing a lot of songs, but I clearly remember your last The throat is hoarse, maybe it ’s easy to be emotional when the mood is low, or it may be touched by your sincerity, although I can still feel the real feeling through the coldness of the mobile phone, in fact, girls are really easy Satisfaction is easily moved. Perhaps something that seems small to a boy is enough to move her.

I never imagined that in the next period of time, my emotions for you have already changed slightly. At that time, I suddenly found that I ignored too many greetings, left out too much warmth, and even saw those messages. At that time, I was hard to believe, because some were three-day replies and some did not respond at all. At that time, I realized a question, should I give each other a chance, and give myself a chance? Now, I'm right!

Facts have proved that I have fallen, and sometimes I think back to you, your humor, your warmth, your hard work and perseverance as always, I found myself starting to notice the existence of a boy, I do n’t even need to think about it deliberately, indifferently. When I walk, I will unintentionally repeat the single hug. I feel very warm and quiet when listening. When I release the work quickly, I just want to use the hug as the background music. I start to talk about you or about you Everything, I will know Liaoning far away from the top right corner of the map when I'm fine The boy who accompanied me silently.

After that, hugging every night has become a song that you must sing and I must listen. No matter how late, no matter what, no matter where, this habit never changes. Slowly approaching, you ca n’t live without your hard work and perseverance, or maybe it just happened. There is no cover up and falsehood.

Then one day, like many couples, we could n’t avoid quarreling. I remember it was really sad at that time, maybe because I did n’t tell you before. I really care about you now, or I want to be with you. Together, so maybe we all need an affirmative answer. When I say from your mouth that I do n’t care about you at all, the moment when there is no response from your efforts, I shed tears! I feel aggrieved, I think you do n’t understand me at all, maybe because we all chose to put love in our hearts before, and felt that as long as we knew it, it would be fine, anyway, I felt that my true heart was not understood All the dissatisfaction and grievances in the heart have been resolved without their permission.

You blame me for not giving you a positive look, I blame you for not leaving me to give you a chance to be sure, then listen to the girlfriends to tell you all my thoughts and emotions, I can be sure that you are sure that I care about you at that time Yes. Because you do n’t tell me the truth anymore. Although I admit that you said it all right, I really thought it was nonsense at the time. Just like everyone knows the truth, it ’s hard to get out of control. That night you said you saw me crying and you really distressed me. You said that you should n’t tell me the truth when my emotions are out of control. It ’s also that night we agreed to tell all love to each other, No longer deep in my heart. You told me affectionately that we will not quarrel in the future, because you will be very distressed when you see me sad.

After the quarrel, we may know that we care about each other. Obviously, our hearts can be felt closer. I said I'm sorry dear yesterday, I was too impulsive. You said that there is something wrong with you. If your little princess does not even have this privilege, then it will not be called a little princess. You say you are used to what you think is yours. Happiness, I said being used to it is my happiness. We have the sweetness between the couple, the unprecedented tacit understanding, and the determination to stay together if we want to. Although you don't say too much love, but your actions make me worry about it. That feeling is really beautiful, which contains a strong sense of belonging and security, making me feel that I am no longer a person in this world. From then on, a person will continue to walk with me no matter what the future will be. Continue to drift.

"Bells in the distance echoed in the rain, we held hands under the eaves, and imagined that the wedding in the church was held to bless us both. The muddy way all the way to the beautiful scenery, used to find courage in each other's eyes, tired and powerless I always want to kiss you, so that I can forget the hardships of the love, you and I promised to not mention the sad past, and promised to never let the other party worry. Be happy to take care of yourself, even if one day is lonely, you and I agree The quarrel is about to stop, and it ’s said that there are no secrets that are transparent to each other. I will love you silly and love you, and do n’t care about fairness and injustice. ”With the sublimation of emotions, you sang to me and I ’ve always been Singing this agreement, you told me at the time that I tried to feel these lyrics very carefully. You said that you will love me well and don’t care about fairness.

In the time to come, you will prove it to me in a unique way with humorous words in the past. You are my little sun, and I am your little princess. Maybe I would n’t be hilarious in my life but I ’m more afraid of loneliness, but I ’m glad you are the one who loves hilarious humor and ca n’t bear to make me lonely. You will stay with me for all your limited time, even if you do n’t have time Recording a song to accompany me makes me feel that I have not ignored me no matter when. You humorously asked me what I did in the last 22 years, and why did I come here? I said that all of this has come just now. You said to remember that no matter how difficult it is in the future, I will be with you and you will feel happy. Holding you, because I feel like you are the right person who can accompany me.

I'm curious and persistent. I want to know when you want you to last. Recalling that you are completely new to you and only know you from your parents, I can't help but laugh. You don't smoke or drink in their mouths, you are clever and don't run around in their mouths, but I'm sure I love you I know more , Can smoke but not too much, can drink alcohol but not too much, can go out with friends but not too late, at least you are real, I am not willing to choose to understand the person I love from the mouth of others, even I am the person I love the most, because I will go this way by myself.

Time is passing day by day, and many things are changing invisibly. From the time my mom asked you how you talked, to the initiative to share with her, from the original one person to the present heart, Everything looks so natural, and our hearts are more than once. I start to look forward to seeing you and start looking forward to the day when two people are together. I just need an affirmative answer, but I lack the courage to talk and go until At that time, you said let ’s go home, and do n’t come back outside anymore. You hurt and spoiled the little princess. You said that you are particularly looking forward to crushing the road with me, enjoying our world of food, and building our own happy small world together. Say you want all the happiness and joy in your life to have me by your side, and all the difficulties and twists and turns to have me by your side to say that you and me, this is happiness. At that time, I decided to go back without looking back. I have been to the life where your parents have you, and no longer wander.

When I was writing my resignation report, I was thinking of obeying my heart, betting on the last win or loss, listening to the retention and persuasion of my colleagues. Although I was kind and understanding, I did n’t listen to any sentence, just quietly WeChat posted a thoughtful rate that was longer than a long time, and did not want to look back, and finally left a girlfriend an old man who spent half a summer and expressed regret and regret. In this way, I made a submissive choice for my love.

I will go along with you forever, my love doll, you are my whole, you let my life shine again.

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