Fan Maker Blowjob Sex Doll - Ann

Ann is a fan maker and she likes to delve into small craftsmanship. Fan production is not too complicated, but she has been researching deeper technologies. Increase the efficiency of the fan by adding cooling and heating effects. Usually, Ann's daily work is to assemble a variety of fans. Now with some simple accessories, Ann can assemble them into a suitable fan.

But Ann has been confused as to how he can break through to make fans more powerful than air conditioners. Now she has been working on this aspect of research, she has read a lot of information, but it is always difficult to make a big breakthrough. In Ann's view, it is her mission to let the fan have more powerful functions, so she spends all her sleepless nights, and hopes to complete this mission as soon as possible.

Ann hasn't talked about love so far. She doesn't have time to fall in love. If she can have a man who can appear in her life, support her career, take care of her life, she should be very willing to live her life. Entrusted to this man. Do you like Ann? If you like Ann, then order the Ann blowjob Sex Doll.

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