Female Boxer TPE Love Dolls - Caroline

Caroline is a female boxer. She has been practicing boxing for eight years. At the same time she also won many championships. Because practicing boxing needs to strengthen the ability to resist hits, she is able to resist a boxing hit of two hundred kilograms. In order to participate in the competition, she must also strictly control her diet and not eat too much. Because even a little heavier can not participate in the competition. Not only does her dietitian have to make her food full of nutrients and energy, but she also has to keep her from getting fat. Her coach must give her sufficient training intensity, maintain weight, and improve punch speed. The biggest feature of boxing is to punch fast, accurate and hard.

Although Caroline is very fierce on the boxing ring, she is very gentle in life. She never uses her boxing in her life. She is a gentle girl in life. She hopes to find a man who knows her, can take care of her life, and doesn't mind her work. Are you interested in Caroline? If you like Caroline, then don't hesitate to order Caroline tpe love doll immediately, and you will get Caroline love.

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