Financial Planner Doll Toys Sex - Mandy

Mandy is a financial planner. She is now managing money for those with assets over $1 million. Basically, Mandy is making a financial plan, and then those people make asset allocations according to the plan Mandy provides. There are now 30 customers who are looking for Mandy to do financial planning. The commission for financial planning is very substantial, basically based on 30% of the client's asset income.

Master Mandy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Finance. She has been in financial planning for five years. Now the annual income can reach 2 million US dollars. Since she is a financial planner, her property income is increasing by 30% of compound interest each year. Mandy's goal is to have $1 billion in assets in 10 years. Mandy’s deposit is now $100 million.

But Mandy has been busy with work, so there is no time to fall in love. Now her career has stabilized, and she hopes to find a partner who can take care of her life and bring her sexual pleasure. If you like Mandy, please contact us to order this doll toy sex, Mandy will go home with you.

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