Florist Shop Owner Silicone Sex Dools - Flavia

Flavia is the owner of a flower shop, and the flower shop she opened is next to the university town. This flower shop has been in operation for five years. There are three flower shops around, but Flavia's store has the best business. Because she has a good relationship with the students.

Whenever a student comes to her flower shop to buy flowers, she will provide very suitable advice to the client. She will customize and package this bunch of flowers according to the customer's needs, and the price is not expensive, so she is deeply loved by customers.

Because Flavia is very petite and cute, many college students like her. Some students are pursuing her and want her to be her girlfriend. Some even bought flowers for her directly at her flower shop. Some of the rich second generation are pursuing her. She often drove a luxury car to her flower shop to invite her to dinner, but she was rejected by her. She just wants to do her own thing, and other things are not willing to consider.

Perhaps you think Flavia is very proud, or think she has a psychological problem. Actually because she did not meet the man who made her heart. Will you be the Prince Charming in Flavia's heart? Order Flavia silicone sex dools and you can be her prince.

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