Foreign Trade Salesman Best Sex Dolls 2020 - Helen

Helen is a foreign trade salesman who has been in the foreign trade industry for six years. Now the company is also very popular with the boss, the boss regards her as a key training object, ready to upgrade her to the company's vice president. Since she has been working in this company since graduation, she has a lot of old customer resources on hand, and most of her clients have long placed orders from her. So it has created a lot of achievements for the company.

Now, while doing business, Helen also works part-time at home to run his own company. Her own company is also doing foreign trade, but it is different from the company's products. Now her monthly part-time income is higher than her own salary. But Helen didn't tell the boss about part-time work, so the boss still didn't know her thoughts.

Helen wants to wait until the performance grows steadily, he may leave the company, then expand his company size, then grow bigger and stronger, become a business owner. But she is still working in the company. She hopes to have an extra income to subsidize her own venture capital, so that her life and entrepreneurship can be supplemented and will not affect her life.

Helen is also looking for some male friends as her boyfriend. Some talked for a month, some talked for two months, but none of them lasted for a long time. Basically, they were only limited to sex partners, and then they passed the freshness. broke up. Maybe she is still looking for a partner who can work with her for a long time to go to the future. Do you want to be her other half? If you like her, please don't hesitate to order this best sex dolls 2020 right away, you can have Helen's love.

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