Fruit Shop Owner TPE Real Sex Doll - Abraham Mateo

Abraham Mateo is a fruit shop owner. She has been very fond of eating fruits since she was a child. She chose to open this fruit shop because she likes to eat fruit. In order to be able to taste all kinds of fruits, she will taste and enjoy herself every time she buys fruits before returning. Due to frequent fruit consumption, Abraham Mateo's skin is very good without any flaws.

The fruit shop opened by Abraham Mateo sells high-quality fruit, and she will throw away any defective fruit. Her focus is on quality. Many customers are her old customers. Although the price of fruit is relatively high, most customers like this high-quality fruit, and the taste is different.

Since Abraham Mateo has been busy working in the fruit shop, she is still single. She hopes to find a boyfriend who can help her take care of her fruit shop or go out with her. Do you like Abraham Mateo? If you like Abraham Mateo, then do n’t hesitate to order Abraham Mateo tpe real sex doll immediately.

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