Furniture Store Manager Realistic Sex Dolls Pussy-Victoria

Victoria is the manager of a furniture store and she knows furniture very well. Because her father opened a furniture factory, specializing in custom furniture for customers. So she followed her father to learn all aspects of furniture from an early age. Now she can distinguish all kinds of furniture very well, and she can also match all kinds of furniture to clients.

Sometimes Victoria designs her own small and convenient furniture. She also makes small decorations by hand. She has made some model boats with some wood, some building blocks, and some cartoon characters. Many customers want to spend money on these accessories, but she is not willing to sell them, saying it is her own collector's edition.

Victoria now wants to find a handsome man who can accompany her and take care of her life. At the same time, she is also a lady with strong sexual desire, and she hopes that her other half can satisfy her sex life. Would you like to meet Victoria's sexual needs? Order realistic sex dolls pussy.

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