Glamour TPE Ass Doll in The Castle - Elise

Elise is the hostess in the castle, she is not the kind of pretty and pretty looks. She has a handsome face. With a blond hair, she looks very capable.

Usually she doesn't like make-up because her skin is always good. Just apply a little lipstick and it looks great. Natural blond hair adds more charm to her.

During the day, she is an elite in the workplace, and she has turned over the clouds in the financial market. It can control the rhythm of the entire market, and every minute is a tens of millions of dollars in transactions.

Because she is very good, so the requirements for her partner are also very high, the average male she can not look at the eyes, so in fact, her heart is also very lonely. Whenever she was alone at night, she felt very lonely. She was lying on the sofa and staring out.

Tonight, she bought a set of sexy lingerie for herself. After bathing, she wore this sexy underwear and walked around the old castle. She even lay naked on the sofa, revealing her big breasts and fresh vagina. Good body makes your inner desire burn, and I really want to have her.

Now you have to do the next order, and then you can take Elise, the tpe ass doll home.

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