Gourmet Reporter Luxury Sex Doll - Rena

Rena is a food journalist. She has been a journalist for five years. As a food journalist, she has tasted foods from all over the world. Most viewers are envious of her work and want to taste the world's food just like her. But only she knew from her heart that the job was not that simple, and the food that she ate often didn't suit her taste. After eating, I will spit it out in the bathroom, but it will look delicious on the surface.

Rena wants to change career now, she wants to work in other industries. She is now looking for a new job, but she has not resigned. She wants to resign after her next job is confirmed. Now she is planning to pursue other aspects of journalism, and does not plan to engage in food.

Due to the nature of work, Rena has no time to fall in love now. She wants to find a boyfriend who can accompany her. Would you like to be her boyfriend? If you are interested in her, then don't hesitate to order luxury sex doll immediately.

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