Gourmet Reporter Custom Sex Doll Head - Leonie

Leonie is a food journalist who has been in the journalism industry for five years. When he first started as a journalist, Leonie was a reporter for social livelihood news. Starting last year, she was transferred to the Food Channel as a food reporter. As a food journalist, she has visited many places and tasted a variety of specialties.

In fact, many foods are not suitable for everyone, and some foods are not suitable for Leonie's taste, but Leonie must try and show a delicious taste. Every time she ate those foods, Leonie ran to the bathroom to vomit, and her stomach was tortured.

Since she is away on business every day, she rarely has time to fall in love. She wants to find a boyfriend to accompany her, and then she will change jobs, live with her boyfriend, play together, and have sex together. Do you like Leonie? Order Leonie custom sex doll head Now.

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