Hairdresser Most Lifelike Sex Dolls - Annabelle

Annabelle is a hairdresser. She has been in the hairdressing industry for five years. She was previously an apprentice at a well-known hair salon chain, where she studied techniques for three years. She has been a director since her apprenticeship. Later, she opened a hair salon herself, and now she is her own boss. For those VIP customers, she is personally responsible for hair maintenance.

Annabelle's salon is not only engaged in hairdressing, but also head massage. By unblocking and activating the head, the guests feel relaxed and more suitable for her next haircut. Annabelle loves her job. She plans to open several more stores, and will need to hire a professional manager to take care of it.

Annabelle has been busy with her career, and she doesn't have time to think about personal matters. So far, she has no boyfriend. She also hopes to find a boyfriend who can support her career and take care of her life. Would you like to be Annabelle's boyfriend? Don't hesitate to order Annabelle most lifelike sex doll immediately, you can take care of Annabelle.

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