Hairdresser DIY Sexdoll - Joy

Joy is a hairdresser. She has been in the hairdressing industry for 10 years and is already a well-known hairdresser in the industry. Many customers come to their hair salons to come to Joy's craft. Some big stars now invite Joy as their own private hairdresser. Joy also promised several big stars to invite. These stars paid Joy very high, and each service started with $10,000.

Now Joy is still planning to open a training school that specializes in teaching hairdressing. Her school is not big, she only plans to recruit 10 students and then train them into top hairdressers. The preparations for her training school are almost all done. Now I am waiting for a good day to hold the opening ceremony.

The only regret is that Joy still has no boyfriend. She hopes that she can find a boyfriend who supports her career and can help her career and life. Are you interested in the hairdressing industry? Do you like Joy? If you are interested in Joy, then act now and order the Joy DIY Sexdoll, and Joy will be your partner.

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