Handmade Artist Silicone Male Sexy Female - Ariel

Ariel is a handmade artist. The accessories on her neck are braided by herself. She will weave it by hand and hand-carve. She can weave a variety of necklaces, bracelets and anklets, as well as a variety of stones and wooden beads.

She currently produces 35,800 works. She also did a product exhibition, which attracted many people to visit. Among them, 1200 products are her collection, so she does not intend to sell it. Other products are clearly priced, and some products are still auctioned. The highest auction price for her work is currently $500,000. This product has 12 diamonds on it, each diamond is 2 carats in size. This product has been carefully designed into a beautiful piece of art, so the premium value is high, but also has a very high collection value.

Everyone appreciates Ariel's talents, and the men who pursue her are also in constant stream. Many people want to marry her as her wife. But she never arbitrarily interacts with the opposite sex. Because she always believed that she could meet the right man. Do you want to have Ariel silicone male sexy female? Like her, order her and take her home.

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