History Museum Administrator Sexy Real Doll Big Boot - Vera

Vera is a history museum administrator. She has worked in the history museum for five years. She likes studying historical relics. She knows everything about the museum. Vera can answer any questions you ask about the museum. She also works as a museum interpreter, and she gives free lectures to tourists who come to the museum collectively. The museum also recorded her explanations into voice and played them in a loop in the museum.

Vera loves the job and it's very comfortable. She enjoys this life very much. In addition to studying history, she usually looks at historical film and television materials. Her hobbies are all related to historical research. She now hopes she can study further and become a historian.

Vera has been studying history, and she usually has no other hobbies. She is also not involved in social activities. Now she also hopes to find a boyfriend who can accompany her life and have the same hobbies as her. Do you like Vera? Do you like studying history? If you are interested in Vera, then don't hesitate to order Vera sexy real doll big boot immediately and you will get Vera.

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