History of Sexual Dolls

The sex doll born as a human masturbation tool is said to have developed during World War II. According to various circulated materials, the German troops banned the Germans and non-Aryan women in order to ensure the authenticity of the German bloodlines. Therefore, they ordered the development of sex dolls similar to the female physiological structure. Another way of thinking is that the German troops are to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading in the Nazi army, he ordered the SS headquarters to secretly develop sex dolls. Although this study has not been fully successful, it ended with the defeat of the Nazis, but perhaps inspired by this, Germany began selling similar sex toys from the 1950s.

By the 1970s, sex dolls began to enter the stage of commercial development. Japan has developed a plastic-like, inflatable human masturbation device. Because it is very similar to the inflatable swimming ring, it can be folded and stored. It only needs to be inflated to become the shape of the human body, so it is also called "inflatable doll".

In fact, the inflatable dolls of that era were not so much "humanoid masturbation devices", but rather they were called "humanoid balloon toys" - and they were simple and rough-made balloon toys. Compared with the inflatable mascots in front of the mall, these inflatable toys are just more human in appearance and have one or two holes for people to vent.

But despite this, the emergence of inflatable dolls still makes the majority of the demanders feel that the drought has been overwhelming, and once they are launched, they are highly praised – especially in Japan, sales are very popular! There are other extreme uses for this kind of thing. For example, when Australia was flooded in early January 2011, two 19-year-old youths came to rescue by taking an inflatable doll as a lifebuoy.

One of the trends in human invention is simple dexterity. So in the 1980s, there was a "palm-type doll" that was still widely circulated. It is roughly equivalent to a large banana that has been hollowed out. It is very convenient to use, easy to carry and easy to hide, and it has once become a product that many consumers are eager to buy. However, the problem is that there is not much difference between such a small doll and masturbation. After all, most people still hope to have a fulfilling embrace, not just a full hand.

By the end of the 1980s, a one-piece sex doll appeared. At this time, the sex doll starts to approach the simulation direction. At first, the whole body of the one-piece doll is still hard, even angular! Moreover, their posture is fixed and single, and it is completely unable to meet the diversity needs of various people.

In order to overcome these shortcomings, people developed the prototype of the simulated love doll in the early 1990s, namely the combined sex doll. The various parts of the body of the doll can be disassembled and assembled so that different postures can be placed to meet the position requirements of different people. Some dolls can be adjusted to their favorite posture by changing parts of different angles. In addition, their faces have become beautiful, which has taken care of people's aesthetic needs to some extent. It is still unsatisfactory in terms of details, such as the skin is still hard, and not delicate enough.

At the end of the 1990s, the skeletal performance, skin touch and face of the sex dolls were greatly improved. Japan began to try to make dolls with simulated bones, so that their postures can be more flexible and change, thus giving users a more realistic feeling. However, this is really difficult. After all, human bones and joints are complex in structure and flexible in activities. It is not an easy task to imitate. In addition, people began to use sex-quality medical non-toxic soft silicone or TPE materials to make sex dolls. These materials are more elastic on the touch. People even put a battery on the doll so that it can maintain a constant "body temperature" of 37 ° C for a certain period of time, making people immersed in the feeling of real people embracing. In appearance, the appearance of the sex doll has also undergone a qualitative leap. Their hairs are completely made of real materials, and the face is mostly made by the AV actress real person, even reaching the point of realism.

Nowadays, sex robot dolls have emerged. Through artificial intelligence technology, they can carry out simple interactive communication, and can do some simple actions to simulate the real people's asthma, body temperature and even the release of body fluids. The difference with real people has become smaller and smaller.

"Further increase the degree of simulation" should be the mainstream trend of the future development of sex dolls. Future sex dolls may recognize the identity of the user, flirt with the user, play fun games, and react differently to different postures and postures of the user.

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