Hotel Customer Service Manager Busty Real Dolls - Corrine

Corrine is the customer service manager for a five-star hotel. She has been working at this hotel for 5 years. It took three years from a customer service staff to a customer service manager. Every day, she is the first to come to work to punch cards, and then the last one to get off work. Because of her meticulous attitude towards work, the general manager appointed her as the customer service manager.

In addition, Corrine is very beautiful, so it has become a scenic spot of the hotel, and is also the spokesperson of the hotel. Many customers can see the spokesperson manager when they enter the door and feel very comfortable.
There are also some single young male guests who want to make friends with Corrine and hope to develop into a relationship.

Every time Corrine refuses politely, because of the nature of the work, they keep their distance from the customer as much as possible, so that they can be more objective in dealing with problems.

Corrine is still single. If you want to be her boyfriend, order an Corrine busty real dolls and Corrine will go home with you. She will serve you alone.

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